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After a year, I returned to Riminicomix * ^ * 

I had great fun with my friends and I finally brought Hakuryuu * ^ *

Hakuryuu: Me 

Photo by Sara and Florian Lanca ( Ph)

thank you so much for the beautiful photo >W<

waiting for AliHaku reunion be like




Artist 》まゆポン 》 424117
Art 》アラビアン 》 45762341

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Ch.130 totally rads, we get to see Haku Ryuu’s half djinn transformation and his two older brothers!! LOL I find it amusing that all of Haku clan have that ‘dragon moustache’ feature in their hair style and a mole under their mouths. 

You have pretty hot brothers, Haku Ryuu. The only thing is that, they are already deceased. Imperial life is harsh, bro.

30 day Magi challenge
↳ Day 26 → A character you would like to give a hug: Ren Hakuryuu 


"Oh, good morning, Hakuryuu."


"Not a morning person, are you?"

"Good mor-…….wait…..why are you in my bed?